New Cooling Systems For Highways England

Oasis Services were recently appointed by Highways England to replace the existing cooling systems within the two computer rooms that serve the north west of England.

It was a delicate operation because throughout the period of work the computer rooms were to remain operational and for added pressure, it was imperative that the work was complete prior to the Christmas holiday period.

So, we had just twelve weeks to finish the work and managed to complete the project in ten thanks to the team’s hard work and commitment.

The services that we carried out to achieve another successful project were:

  • Supply and install temporary cooling
  • Isolate existing systems
  • Decant, remove from site and environmentally dispose of the redundant refrigerant
  • Isolate and strip out the existing in room full function close control systems.
  • Remove the existing rooftop mounted condensers.
  • Carry out builders work to accommodate new in room and rooftop mounted equipment
  • Install new refrigerant pipework and mains cold water pipework
  • Install new mains electrical power cable
  • Supply and install new full function in room units and external roof mounted condensers
  • Modify and install building controls to suit
  • Commission new systems into full operation
  • Remove temporary cooling from site