Air Conditioning

Expert Knowledge…

Over many years we have forged strong relationships with quality suppliers who offer a variety of different ‘best of’ propositions – meaning, you will find the most appropriate Air Conditioning products for your project at Oasis.

We’ve got the perfect match for you and your project.

Because of the level of business we give these suppliers and our quality of service to our customers we can offer extended warranties for all of our products.

Here’s a bit of techy stuff…

We are able to supply and install individual or multi-split systems, heat pump systems and variable volume refrigerant (VRF) systems from Daikin.

Oasis are also able to offer more traditional Air Conditioning Systems based on central chilled water plant, with local or remote heat rejection and any type of terminal unit, for example 4-pipe fan coil systems or variable air volume (VAV) systems.

So, if it’s a specific type of Air Conditioning Solution or Service you’re after – we can help you!


Oasis are able to provide the full spectrum of heating systems including heat pump and heat reclaim technologies, low pressure hot water systems such as radiators and boilers, radiant heating solutions, and “all air” systems.

We always try to utilise the most efficient systems available with heat recovery being a major consideration.

We are also able to provide gas/oil, domestic water systems, and above ground drainage solutions to provide the “full services solution” as certain projects require.


Oasis provide a full range of ventilation systems from domestic extract systems, office supply and extract systems, warehouse and retail outlet ventilation, to specialist manufacturing requirements/systems.

We can provide simple fans, supply and extract air handling units with heat recovery technology, fume extraction systems, and specialist extract hood/canopies.

We also provide ductwork systems for the above systems in any material required such as galvanised steel, plastic or material.