Prefabricated Solutions

Off-site prefabrication is becoming more popular and has some distinct advantages over building plant rooms and boiler rooms on-site.

That’s why we started our own department and its proving very successful with our customers.

You see, to build and assemble a plant room on a construction site is not really suitable or an ideal environment but in a neat, tidy and comfortable factory space with no interruptions, that’s a different story!

No rain, bad tempered tradesmen getting in the way or other irritating disruptions. Just a friendly, clean, warm environment to get on with the job a lot quicker than we would on-site.

So the commissioning time can be halved, the quality of the build will be be better and the whole thing will be cheaper due to significant savings on labour time to get the job done. And it’ll be factory tested ready to go.

Our prefabricated plant solutions can be designed to suit the specific requirements of any project, all we need to do is visit and measure up. And you’ll be benefiting from having your project managed by one supplier.

Benefits of Prefabrication

  • One Point of contact for all your plant room equipment
  • Cheaper prices
  • Better build quality
  • Rapid commissioning
  • Reduces health and safety risks

We are also certified plumbers and can handle live mains connections for water and gas.