Project Management and Installation

Project Management

Let’s start with Project Management because this is vital in our opinion to the success of your project. So much so, that we employ a project department who’ll deliver your project on time and to budget.

They’ll have input at your Review and Design stage to start to understand and pre-plan your project, saving loads of time later on.

One of that team will become your Project Manager and ‘Buddy’ for the entire duration of your project. And don’t forget we do all of the electrics and plumbing as well as installing the HVAC products, so your life has just become a whole lot easier. They’re the ones liaising with the trades getting the job done for you!

You can be getting on with more proactive tasks saving you valuable Time and Money!


All of our engineers, electricians and plumbers have to undergo rigorous training even after they’re fully qualified and certified. Hopefully you’ll get the impression that we invest in and value our people as the top of their trade – they are true experts at what they do!

We know that the end date of your project – means the end date!

When you’re up against it to open a Superdry store on time because they start to pay an outrageous amount of rent on a retail outlet you have to get a shift on. This is the sort of deadline we’re used to.

So, whether you’re project is Retail, Commercial, Leisure or Domestic – we can help you make it a huge success.